Allison Quagliani - the First Alpaca Dentist in Australia

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Allison’s experience with Alpacas began in 1996 when she and her husband Danny bought their farm- ten acres on the south east edge of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. With the purchase of their first two pregnant females, a new lifestyle emerged.

It was a dental problem with one of her own animals that sparked Allison’s interest in alpacas’ teeth. After finding it difficult to engage a professional to treat her alpaca she realised there was a lack of knowledge and expertise in the area of alpaca dentistry.  

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Allison decided to address this gap and in 2004, with the support of the Australian Alpaca Association, commenced extensive research and study covering all aspects of alpaca dental care. Along with the theory and practical training Allison designed and had manufactured the specialised instruments and equipment necessary to make the inspection and dental care of alpacas as safe and stress free as possible.

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In January 2006 Alpaca Dental Services (ADS) was established – the beginning of specialised dental care for alpacas in Australia. The training and preparation, combined with Allison’s natural affinity and calmness around animals, has seen ADS grow into a highly respected and in-demand resource for the alpaca industry.

ADS is often referred by vets in the industry and Allison works in collaboration with vets on more complicated cases. 


Allison is always willing to share her knowledge and is passionate about educating people in the industry about alpaca teeth and the importance of both prevention and recognition of dental problems.  

This passion has seen her accept many invitations by Industry and Veterinary bodies to present at seminars and conferences both in Australia and Internationally.

Her next step to help alpaca owners is a practical book that can be used as a ready reference.   The book is scheduled to be published mid 2018. 

Sometime in the future Allison plans to take on an equally passionate trainee to assist and continue this specialised and much needed service for the alpaca industry.