The Alpaca Teeth Specialist

Alpaca Dental Services (ADS) provides dental care for the specific needs of Alpacas.    

Services include:

  • Herd dental health assessment

  • Safe incisor trimming

  • Disabling of fighting teeth

  • Correction of molar problems

  • Simple extractions

  • Jaw abscess management

  • Follow-up and after-care planning

  • Collaboration with veterinarians

  • Veterinary referral when required

ADS uses custom designed instruments and a purpose built restraint to ensure the safety and well-being of both alpacas and handlers.

What Our Clients Say

"I have always known of the importance of having my horses teeth checked regularly but for some reason I never gave the alpacas teeth a second thought; even though their life expectancy is similar to horses and they should live and breed happily for many years.

After attending one of Allison’s presentations, (which, I believe, is a must for all alpaca breeders), I was horrified to learn that although the front incisors may appear to be fine, it is the unseen molars at the back that can cause so many problems.

I booked Allison in for a general herd check up and over two days I presented her with any alpaca I had that was over 4yo. Quite a few of them needed a file to remove sharp edges, ramps and hooks, but we found a couple that had serious problems and needed extensive work which no doubt had been affecting their health and well being.

It is a satisfying feeling and great peace of mind knowing that many future and possibly serious problems have been averted and that any pain or discomfort that a few of my alpacas had been quietly suffering, have all been fixed.

I found Allison to be very professional and extremely knowledgeable. Now that I have more knowledge about possible problems with alpaca teeth, I appreciate the service that Allison provides and highly recommend her to all alpaca breeders"

- Gayle Herring, Glenavon Alpaca Stud

"Highly recommend Allison from Alpaca Dental Services in Pakenham VIC for any Alpaca dental needs... She came to our home and was absolutely amazing with our girl Ginger who's a very sensitive soul... Allison truly loves animals and treats them with so much respect and care. Very gentle, patient and Ginger's welfare and comfort was first and foremost on her mind."

- Marina J, Pet Owner